Our hearts are with you!  We understand that birth, doula support, and information are monumentally important right now as we all navigate the changes in hospitals and with our care providers. The Birth Co-op is moving to a virtual format with a Zoom childbirth education class, where we can all come together and learn in innovative ways.  Thank you for your trust and we look forward to connecting with you soon! 


We welcome you to our comfortable, intimate and friendly Birth Co-op. Our goal is for you to walk away with more than just an education. We want your family to establish resources, friends and access to professionals who will assist you from birth to early parenting! 


Our virtual childbirth education classes are a wonderful mix of evidence-based information, hands-on practice and intuitive knowledge. We cover the science of pregnancy and birth, the stages of labor and tools to help with relaxation in each stage, how to use medical interventions judiciously, the needs of your newborn, how to have a successful postpartum recovery, and the early days of breastfeeding. In addition, we devote ourselves to helping you prepare your mind and body for labor with relaxation breathing, positioning and massage.  We emphasize the importance of your relationship with your labor partner and help to prepare them for what to expect. We will guide you as to how to communicate your vision for your birth with your entire support team. Our goal is for you to walk away with useful knowledge, confidence, a deeper connection with your body and the birth process, and a resource list of professionals to assist you with every step of your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. 

Classes will be held on five consecutive Tuesdays, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. You will receive a manual via email.

Also included with this series is an optional, one-on-one session after you give birth - an opportunity to talk about your birth, your postpartum transition, and any needs you may have.



Our Childbirth Classes are a combination of cutting-edge information, the latest birth studies, intuition and tons of hands-on practice. We want you leave feeling more than informed on the process of birth. We strive to help you tap into your intuition as a birthing Woman and your partners ability to support you in your journey.

Our classrooms are comfortable, welcoming and lead to an intimate and friendly class. Our goal is for you to walk away with more than just an education. We want you to establish a family of resources, friends and professionals to lead you through early parenting! 



Connecting, Caring for & Nurturing your Newborn & Family

Taught by:  Rachel Myers and Sarah Olaguez

This hands on class, will give you the tools and knowledge to tackle the newborn stage comfortably and confidently.  The first few days with your newborn is a delicate and sensitive time, as you learn to settle in as a family many questions may arise. In this class we will literally start with how to pick up your baby to postpartum planning. Our goal is to make your transition into parenthood successful and as smooth as new parenting can be!

 Taught by two doulas who between them have five children and over eleven years of experience with newborns.

•Non-toxic Bathing•Family Bonding•Soothing•Umbilical Cord Care•

•Diapering Circumcision Care •Dressing•Nursery Essentials•Swaddling

•Navigating parenthood •Postpartum Care•Safe Babywearing

And so much more!! Be ready to ask questions, learn from each other and get support for this wonderful journey. Also you will get to take home some homemade goodies for both mom and baby!


Contact: 818.636.2223


An open and supportive gathering that covers everything from breastfeeding to sleep deprivation, self-care and going back to work. A light vegetarian meal is provided and sometimes we have guest speakers.

6-week series for all babies up to walkers.


*We want this group to be available to all who need the support, please let us know if this fee is beyond your means at this time.


A Labor Refresher Workshop

Create an expansive toolkit of comfort measures for coping with labor and birth-relaxation breathing, massage, positioning, and use of rebozo for pelvic release. Wonderful refresher class for experienced parents wanting to focus on their upcoming birth. Also great for first-time parents wanting to dive deeper into comfort measures for labor.

Three-hour workshop includes a manual focused on labor review and preparation, comfort measures, and writing a postpartum care plan. We will also make customized massage oil and vegetarian snacks will be provided.

3-hour class



A DIY Workshop for Postpartum Recovery

Learn to care for yourself physically and emotionally following birth. In this DIY workshop, create these soothing and healing producst to support you during your postpartum recovery:

    - Lavender Rice Sock for Comforting Heat

    - Herbal padsicles to reduce perineal swelling

    - Sitz Bath Herbal Tea Bags for Healing your Perineum

    - Herbal Perineal Spray

Three-hours workshop includes a manual with guidelines for postpartum recovery and self-care, including healing recipes, beneficial teas and oils, simple pospartum exercises, facilitating emotional wellbeing and creating a postpartum care plan. Vegetarian snacks will be provided.

3-hour class



Congratulations. You are soon to become grandparents! In this class you will become empowered with the latest evidence-based knowledge to best support and help your children navigate through the joyful and often challenging fourth trimester postpartum period. You will learn about effective communication strategies, postpartum hormonal changes, current changes in infant safety, newborn feeding, baby bonding, baby care, baby soothing and so much more.

3-hour class