Our hearts are with you!  We understand that birth, doula support, and information are monumentally important right now as we all navigate the changes in hospitals and with our care providers. The Birth Co-op is currently offering hybrid and virtual childbirth classes via Zoom, where we can all come together and learn in innovative ways.  Thank you for your trust and we look forward to connecting with you soon! 


Non-refundable Class Registration: Class registration holds your space in the class and the space is limited. We take pride in our intimate classes and take your attendance seriously. We will not refund your class registration fee.

Registration is non-refundable except in case of medical emergency: Please reach out to us by phone or email if you have a medical emergency so we will know not to expect you and we can put someone who may be waiting for a spot in your space.

Failure to complete class series: No refunds or prorating will be given for your failure to complete the class series due to birthing prematurely or any other unforeseen circumstances. You will be able to make your class up in another series if you miss due to illness or a schedule conflict. If there are no other classes that fit your time frame, you will still not get a refund due to your failure to complete a class series.

Schedule changes: The Birth Co-op reserves the right to change the dates, times, and locations of our classes at will. In the case that a class date, time or location is moved, students will have the option to continue in the class, switch to another class, or have their deposit refunded.

Class cancellations: The Birth Co-op  reserves the right to cancel a class for inadequate attendance. Any students registered for a cancelled class will have the option to switch to a different class or have their deposit refunded.